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Snake River Echoes

The Snake River Echoes began as a quarterly in 1971 under the name of The Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society Quarterly.  To lesson the bulk of the name and to bring it more pizzaz, the name was changed in 1974, Volume 3, to Snake River Echoes.   This historical journal has been in publication for thirty-seven years and contains a vast amount of history of the Upper Snake River Valley.  It served for many years as the historical journal for all the historical groups of the Upper Valley.
Snake River Echoes

Article NameVolume #Number #Date of issueAuthor Last namePage #
Alice Jane Fisher Goody20
Home Remedies20
Hyrum Royal Williams, Rigby's First Dentist20
Harriet Lambert DaBell20
Pleurisy Cure20
Old Remedies and Health Practices20
Cold Water Treatment20
More Cold Water20
Dr. Edwin Cutler20
Edwin Cutler, M.D.20
Doctors in Menan During the 1900's20
Kitchen Table Operation20
The Little Cross20
Where There's a Will--- There's a Way20
Dr. W.K. "Doc" Eagan20
Blackfoot Drug Stores20
Dr. Earl D. Jones20
Dr. Walter E. Patrie20
Dr. Hyram Anderson20
Collection of Prescriptions from the Past20
Batway Expedited Event20
Parturient Prized20
Welcome to Eagle Rock USA, Bonneville Museum20
Distant Vision - Philo T. Farnsworth, Inventor of Television20
Robert E. Reid: The Story of a Great Man20
Warren's Rand and Ferry20
Blackfoot's First Mormon Church Meetings20
Does anyone remember the Hardwick Family?20
Roy Lynn Hardwick20
Farragut: 23 Years Later20
Park's Log Cabin Recalls Past20
Dubois: The Project That Never Was20
The Peterson Furniture Company Building20
A Railroad Bridge Across The Snake River20
Early Schools in Bingham County20
The Carl Scobies Herpetologists20
Sheriffs of Fremont County1601987Wright2
First Fremont County Sheriff had brief, but exciting career. John B. Cutshaw (1893-1894)1601987Wright3
Joseph P. Warner (1895-1896) The Post Register, Feb. 22, 19791601987Wright4
Samuel Harrop (1903-1904, 1907-1908)1601987Wright8
Miles R. Cahoon (1909-1910) History of Idaho Vol. 21601987Wright8
John T. Fisher (1915-1918)1601987Wright9
Oscar H. Cusick (1919-1920) History of Idaho1601987Wright10
Oliver P. "Bronc" Sparkman (1921-1926)1601987Smith11
Bronc goes to Hollywood. From the Teton Peak Chronicle, April 10, 19301601987Wright12
Sheriff charged with contempt. Oct. 24, 1929 the Teton Peak Chronicle reported this story.1601987Wright12
Fremont Sheriff gets two fugitives. Teton Peak Chronicle, Oct. 8, 19311601987Wright14
Fredrickson will go for third term. Teton Peak Chronicle, March 24, 19321601987Wright14
C. Van Clark (1935-1938)1601987Clark15
Calvin H. Smith (1945-1948)1601987Winters16
Guy Wimmer Hill (1953-1956)1601987Leseberg18
Outlaws - Republican, April 18981601987Wright19
Alma C. Hess wounded. Republican, March 4, 18991601987Wright19
Joe Murphy sued. Taken from Teton Peak Chronicle, May 26, 1910.1601987Wright20
Bank robbery in Teton Basin, February 24, 1921. Teton Peak Chronicle, February 24, 19211601987Wright21
Wendell bank robbers captured. Fremont County News, June 19, 19301601987Wright22
Lone bandit holds up Ashton bank and escapes with $400. Fremont County News April 17, 19301601987Wright22
Expect arrest of bank robber soon. Fremont County News, April 24, 19301601987Wright22
Paul Rushton held in Juneau, Alaska, for Ashton bank holdup. Fremont County News, June 5, 19301601987Wright23
Rushton admits he robbed Ashton bank. Fremont County News, June 26, 19301601987Wright23
Rigby robbery. Teton Peak Chronicle, July 28, 19101601987Wright23
Dubois Post Office robbed. Fremont County News, August 14, 19301601987Wright24
Men caught after chase. Loot recovered. Teton Peak Chronicle, July 2, 19311601987Wright24
Forgers do poorly in old Fremont. Teton Peak Chronicle, December 5, 19291601987Wright24
He murdered his father on highway near Market Lake. Tim Brown attacks his father with an axe, splitting his head and then rakes out brain with hands.1601987Wright25
Tragedy at Newdale; one killed. Teton Peak Chronicle, July 30, 19311601987Wright25
Trio charged with murder stand trial together. Teton Peak Chronicle, October 29, 19311601987Wright26
Fox farmer shot to death. Fremont County News, October 11, 19281601987Wright27
Alleged Merrick killer surrenders. Teton Peak Chronicle, October 11, 19281601987Wright27
Judge Taylor grants change of venue in Merrick murder trial. Case goes to Idaho Falls. Will be tried in March term. Teton Peak Chronicle, March 14, 19291601987Wright28
Gondo Merrick being tried for murder of husband, Idaho Falls. Fremont County News, June 20, 19291601987Wright28
Alleged killers held Mrs. Merrick and Geordana to answer in Dirstrict Court. Teton Peak Chronicle, November 8, 19281601987Wright29
Jury acquits Mrs. Merrick charge of murder. Teton Peak Chronicle, June 27, 19291601987Wright30
Mrs. Merrick visits St. Anthony after acquittal of murder. Fremont County News, June 27, 19291601987Wright31
Liquor. Killing at Spenser.1601987Wright31
Arrested for bootlegging.1601987Wright31
Prisoners in Blackfoot jail steal sheriff's booze. Teton Peak Chronicle, November 29, 19291601987Wright32
Fish in Yellowstone Park acting queer. Fremont County News, August 14, 19301601987Wright32
Birds and chickens get dizzy on moonshine snow balls. Fremont County News, February 6, 19301601987Wright33
Prisoners break, bank robber shot. Teton Peak Chronicle, July 17, 19301601987Wright33
Two prisoners break jail. Saw into two large bars with hack saw. Escape Tuesday night. Teton Peak Chronicle, August 4, 19101601987Wright34
Man like his freedom; escapes jail second time. Post Register1601987Wright35
Real slippery character being sought by officers. Post Register1601987Wright36
Robbers put Downey Marshall in own jail and then loot town. Fremont County News, November 27, 19301601987Wright36
Woman convict is still at large. Teton Peak Chronicle, May 14, 19311601987Wright37
Crime and Oppression. Teton Peak Chronicle, December 4, 19301601987Wright38
Champion of the stagecoach robbers1601987Cowan44
Detective enters case. Trafton's pursuit and trial.1601987Cowan46
Six-shooter Sal1601987Lawrence51
100 Years of Idaho's History in Madison County1901990Clements2
Governor Charles Calvin Moore1901990Ricks6
Mary Idell Hall Merrill1901990Merrill12
Dedicated Teacher Cherished - Mamie Capellan1901990Lawrence13
Life Story of Jacob Michaelson1901990Curtis14
The Dawn of a New Era, by Hortense Hanson Aviation1901990Hanson19
Hortense Allred Hanson, Historian1901990unlisted20
Writing the Idaho History1901990unlisted21
A.W. "Bill" Stibal 1899-1956 - Benefactor of Jefferson County1901990Reid22
"Easter Flowers"1901990Reid23
Fair Time1901990Bates24
Life Story of the Old Court House1901990Wallace26
Building nears century mark - July 30, 19831901990unlisted26
Formation of Bingham County1901990Bates27
Mildred Staley - autobiography1901990Staley28
Lost River Valley1901990King29
William Messick: Fifty Years of Scouting 1924-19741901990Hanson29
Butte County: Home of Craters of the Moon and INEL1901990Climer30
INEL Site1901990McMurtrey31
Arco Idaho, First City to be Lit by Atomic Power1901990unlisted31
Big Lost River Valley - Moore, Idaho1901990unlisted32
Little Lost River Valley1901990Sermon32
Lost Rivers Desert1901990Bingham33
Champagne Creek Mines1901990Bingham33
Lost River Valleys1901990Bingham34
Blackfoot Main Street, 18941901990Lawrence35
Lincoln Creek Boarding School1901990Lawrence37
Highlights of the History of Aberdeen, Idaho1901990Funk38
Dead Man Creek1901990Gardner39
Remembering Ironing Days 50 Years Ago1901990Bates40
Yesterdays and Today1901990Farrar41
Irene Rhodes Pettingill1901990Hinckley42
Sarah Whitaker Brown1901990unlisted43
Fern Harris Lake1901990Hinckley43
Elva Passey1901990Wylie44
Clara Kern Johnson Green1901990Bishop45
Mame Rhodes Smith1901990Evans45
Rose Davies1901990Staley46
Earliest Permanent Bingham County Settlers1901990Hanft46
Edith Haroldsen Lovell1801989Forbush3
"The Mighty Snake River"1801989Smith4
Effie Walker Davis1801989Myers5
Anna Jannson Rowan1801989McMurtrey5
Dora May Goody Erickson1801989Hinckley7
Lorna Whiting Tibbitts1801989Curtis8
Grace Wilson Harwood1801989Call10
Life Story of Myrtle Munns Neeley1801989Neeley11
Mary Gunderson and Lenore Standiferd1801989Standiferd26
Our Family and the CCC Boys1801989Wheeler29
Tales From the Big Hole Mountains1801989Bevan30
Wood Livestock Company1801989unlisted34
Idaho First National Bank, 1863-19791801989Hanson35
Schools of Blackfoot1801989Merritt36
Railroad - Idaho Falls to Yellowstone1801989Clements38
"My Railroad Home - The Sugar City Depot"1801989Warner38
A Farewell to Helen Driggs Weeks1801989White39
A Black Walnut Tree1801989Weeks40
Two Cottonwood Trees1801989Weeks40
Childhood Memories of Helen Driggs Weeks1801989unlisted40
Afton Driggs Haws1801989Smith41
St. Anthony Postal History1801989Mathews42
The Grouse Cachet1801989Wheeler46
The Prohibition and Dam Fiasco1801989Hanson47
Beaver Dick Saves a Greenhorn1801989Genta48
Yes, It Happened to Me1801989Hanson49
The Unfolding of Life - Marlene Stibal Reid1801989Reid49
Florence Elva Jenkins Stibal1801989Reid50
"Old Age"1801989Park52
Mary Carma Stay Gunderson1801989Purser52
Alice Hanny - Taking Care of the Needy1801989Farrar54
"Where Is Heaven?"1801989Park54
The Old School House1801989Cassada55
Sybil Ferguson - Founder of the Diet Center1801989Clements56
Ruby L. Keele1801989Wheeler58
My Father's Courage1801989Wheeler59
My Uncle Amos1801989Wheeler60
Phyllis Richards Robinson1801989Robinson61
Esther Malm Scott1801989Lawrence64
History of my Music Career as a Band and Orchestra Drummer - Wendell C. Gillette1801989Gillette66
Anna Marie Elise Fluckinger Roberts1801989unlisted69
Glenore School 1916-19391801989Johnson70
Julene M. Parsons: Blackfoot's first woman doctor and pediatrician1801989Bates74
Gloria La Rocque Dilliard1801989Bates75
Evelin Stibal Gisin1801989Gisin77
Presto: Upper Presto School1801989Hanft80
Romaine Speelmon1801989Staley81
Bingham Post Offices1801989Lawrence82
Love Made Visible1701988Gisin2
The Chokecherry School and other Remembrances1701988Jones3
Madison High School1701988Clements6
Conley Watts Changes Basketball1701977Clements7
The School at North Salem1701988Fullmer8
Eagle Rock Schools1701988unlisted9
The Independence School1701988Jensen10
John Johnson - An Early Idaho School Teacher1701988Howard11
A History of the Home School I Just Left1701988Anderson12
The Herbert School1701988Clements14
Alice Cleora Jubb Baker1701988Smith15
History of District #54 North Fremont or Franklin School1701988Bischoff17
Some Historical Notes on George Franklin Knight Who Taught School in Teton Valley for Forty Years1701988Knight20
The First Teacher in Star Valley1701988Kennington21
Early History of Northern Teton Valley Schools1701988O'Brien21
Charles M. Fullmer1701988Killian23
Ricks College: A Centennial Sketch 1888-19881701988Crowder24
The Bates, Idaho School District #481701988Forbush32
Other Old Schools1701988Kruse35
Once Upon a Time In Mountain River Country (old country schools)1701988Kruse37
Burton Schools1701988Smith41
Memories of Cedar Point Independent School District #31701988Anderson43
First Fremont County Sheriff - John B. Cutshaw1601987unlisted3
Joseph P. Warner1601987unlisted4
Biographical Sketch of John Edmund Pincock1601987Cheney4
Miles R. Cahoon1601987unlisted8
Wendell Bank Robbers Captured1601987unlisted22
Lone Bandit Holds up Ashton Bank and Escapes with $4001601987unlisted22
Rigby Robbery1601987unlisted23
Breaking out1601987unlisted33
Ed Trafton: Champion of the Stage Coach Robbers1601987Cowan38
"Our Outlaw"1601987trafton50
A tribute to Blair C. Rich by his daughter, Diane on the occasion of his 90th birthday - 10 March 199800March 1998Rich2
Sketch of the life of Blair Clyde Rich00March 1998unlisted4
Ben E. Rich 1855-191300March 1998Rich12
Lorin Farr Rich 1880-194100March 1988unlisted14
"Not Understood"00March 1998unknown16
Ruth Blair Rich 1882-197100March 1998unlisted17
Ruth Blair's fur coat00March 1998unlisted18
"A Woman's Age"00March 1998Case20
8th Grade Graduation, 1923 - Blair Rich00March 1998Rich21
Basketball and tennis in Rexburg, 1927 - Blair Rich00March 1998Rich22
The Teton Dam Flood - Blair Rich00March 1998Rich23
Fluoridation and Rexburg - Comments by Dr. Blair C. Rich00March 1998Rich24
Editors Note221July 1993Clements1
USS Rexburg221July 1993Clements2
Impacting Reflections of WW II221July 1993Harold S. Forbush4
Memories From The Home Front221July 1993Curtis22
Dad Left Us221July 1993Clements24
Steven and Warren Fery and Stage Stop Across the Blackfoot River- Tilford City- Corbett Stage Station141Spring 1985Hernandez6
Willis Dewey Higley141Spring 1985Mitchell7
Nels and Emma Just141Spring 1985Reid10
The Tale of the Bridge at "The Cove"141Spring 1985Brown14
A School House141Spring 1985Bedwell17
Springfield: Bits and Pieces141Spring 1985Bedwell22
Joseph Moroni and Tula Clark Turner, Vignettes of Blackfoot141Spring 1985Owen24
William Ellis "Dad" Hall141Spring 1985Hall26
Jason Lee Methodist Church's heritage thrives141Spring 1985Brown32
Riverside141Spring 1985Ison and Taylor37
Lorenzo Sylvester and Mary Caldwell-Riverside and Pingree-141Spring 1985Unlisted40
James Just141Spring 1985Robinson44
Recollections of Albert Hanny's First Experience in Idaho141Spring 1985Hanny45
Larsens in Aberdeen141Spring 1985Wadsworth47
Frank Pratt141Spring 1985Bradshaw47
"Ancestor's wish"911980Parkinson2
Musical Heritage-Rexburg area911980Barrus3
Life history of Henry Greer Parkinson911980Parkinson6
Timothy Greer Parkinson911980parkinson11
John Greer Parkinson911980parkinson14
Marie Parkinson Darley911980Parkinson16
Joseph Smart Parkinson911980Cannon18
Fredrick Smart Parkinson911980Parkinson21
Edmond Smart Parkinson911980Parkinson23
The mighty furor at Teton Creek351June 2006Lovin2
Idaho Falls Canal(city canal)351June 2006Bennett6
Osgood Canal and irregation system351June 2006Stewart8
Rexburg 100 Years of Progress1211983Clements2
A Biography The Spirit of a Viking1211983Nelson4
100 Years of Parker1211983Wright9
Kaintuck P.O.1211983Johnson12
North Fork Ferry1211986Unlisted14
Moments of History of Our Society1211986Forbush15
The Story of Phineus Tempest and a Lost Manuscript1211986Johnson16
Historical Society Gets New Space1211986Unlisted19
House Preserves Heritage1211986Unlisted21
Bits of Early Rexburg History1211986Johnson22
So You Are Going to Plan a Centennial Celebration1211986Clements24
Eckersell Memorial Chapel3612007Laine Eckersell2
Ashton Funeral Home3612007Daniels5
Bidwell Funeral Home3612007Kathy Moon7
William Moroni Hansen361June 2007Daniels7
Milton "Mickey" D. Hansen361June 2007
Flamm Funeral Home361June 2007Flamm10
Water: A historical perspective internationally, nationally, and locally361June 2007Rigby13
Recollections361June 2007Monson23
Exie Singley Soelberg1111982Larson60
Effie Bell Pauline Spencer - of Beaver Canyon and Spencer Idaho1111982King62
A tribute to Anna Evert Terry1111982Andrew66
Becky's Half-Way Station at Canyon Creek1111982Genta67
Laverne Louise Behling Vadnais (of Kilgore)1111982Vadnais71
Every Morning1111982Kockler2
Sarah Elizabeth Thomas Beach1111982Filmore3
Mothers Day1111982Sparr6
Mary Ann Boram, Pioneet Merchant1111982Johnson7
Mary Ellen Wood Call1111982Hammond11
"To Teach Discipline, To Master Knowledge", The story of Luella McQuiston Garner1111982Genta16
Mary Ann Marchant Green1111982Graham20
Minnie Hitt's Petticoat1111982Lovell21
Elizabeth Nancy Kendrick Jacoby1111982Harn23
Moments in History1111982Forbush24
Harriet Robinson Jones1111982Johnson25
Hope Jones - Rigby Star1111982Quick31
Hope Bennet Jones1111982Smith32
Amelia Frost, Work Among the Shoshone and Bannock Indians1111982Unlisted33
Louie Dale Davidson Laird1111982Leanardson34
A Brief History of the Riverview Nursing Home.1111982Sparr36
Mary Emma Wilson Leanardson (of Dubois and Medicine Lodge)1111982Leanardson37
Margaret Moon1111982Moon39
The Bannock and Fremont Stake Relief Society1111982Johnson41
Annie Mary Harris Mortensen1111982Wright42
Emma K. Kerzenmacher Patt1111982Vadnais45
Wilma Stibal Pettite1111982Gulick47
Ada Finlayson Poitevin1111982Migel49
Annie (Anderson) Rasmussen of Camas Meadows1111982Bennett51
Nora Madison Klick Reimann1111982Marotz54
Harriet Winsper Shenton1111982stoddard55
Sarah Decker Small1111982Stoddard58
Nancy Wishwop, A love Story.141Spring 1985Jensen2
Early Days at Blackfoot141Spring 1985Horrocks3
Those were the Days141Spring 1985Polatis5
Early Schools in Firth141Spring 1985Farrar8
The Dye Family in Firth141Spring 1985Hanny9
First Baptist Celebrates Centennial141Spring 1985Jackson11
Jemmetts, Early Settlers on Cedar Creek141Spring 1985Unlisted12
The Story of "Bid" John and Bodie Watson141Spring 1985McBride16
The Early Settlers of Riverview and Lavaside141Spring 1985Unlisted18
The "Pulling Hill"141Spring 1985Hanft20
Senator Fred Dubois141Spring 1985Pettite21
Cora Mackie Bithell141Spring 1985Ray23
The H.C.C. Rich Family in the Snake River Valley (In 1895)141Spring 1985McPherson27
Gone But Not Forgotten, Sterling, Idaho141Spring 1985Bedwell31
Andrew Otto Ingelstrom141Spring 1985Crofts33
Presto Burrell141Spring 1985Tschikof34
A Brief History of the Progress of Pingree141Spring 1985Grimaud35
Pioneer Settlers of Upper Presto141Spring 1985Hanft36
Things I Remember From My Youth141Spring 1985Scott39
Brief History of John Thomas Jones and Edna Estella Bradley Jones141Spring 1985Unlisted42
Moments of History141Spring 1985Forbush43
Larsens in Aberdeen141Spring 1985Wadsworth47
History of Jane LeGrand Anderson Taylor371June 2008Fritzen2
Glen Taylor, Idaho's Forgotten Senator371June 2008Elliot6
St. Anthony, From the Beginning Through the 1940's371June 2008Johnson8
Thomas Brian Kinghorn371June 2008Strupp12
Thomas Orin Jenkins371June 2008Borg15
Roy Ernest Elser371June 2008unlisted19
More on Ed Harrington (and others)151spring 1986Johnson2
Early pioneer tells of wild days - Edwin Traftons activities151spring 1986Arney2
Moments of history151spring 1986Forbush9
Armed Service in World War 2151spring 1986Cox10
Vignettes of history151spring 1986Wilding15
Grandma made butter in honest goodness way151spring 1986Hanson23
Touring Yellowstone in a wagon - 1897151spring 1986Olsen24
Transportation Around the Turn of the Century1311984Lawrence2
Early Bingham County Transportation1311984Wallace4
The Utah and Northern Railroad and Harry Anderson1311984Jones5
The North Fork Ferry1311984Smith6
Jefferson County School Wagon1311984Allen7
Stowell's One Horse Dairy1311984Scott8
Charles C. Tautphaus and Canals351June 2006Bennett11
Valley of the Great Snake351June 2006unlisted13
Gravity flow sprinkler irrigation in Teton Valley351June 2006Burgner14
The Marysville Project 1898-1906351June 2006Scott17
Trip through irrigated lands of Southern Idaho351June 2006Clements21
Pioneer irrigation Upper Snake River Valley351June 2006Carter23
A brief story of my life, O.E. Kirkpatrick811979Kirkpatrick3
Methods of pioneer gold mining811979Kirkpatrick5
The wildest boat ride in America811979Kimball6
Leesburg discovered811979unlisted12
The Lemhi Mission811979Palmer17
The Land of Contrasts811979Trego24
W. Lloyd Adams341June 2005Davis1
Samuel S. Anderson341June 2005unknown5
Ezra George Benson Jarvis341June 2005Jarvis7
William F. Rigby341June 2005Pond9
Alma Frost Rawlins341June 2005Haws14
Lorenzo John Romrell341June 2005unknown15
George Abraham Hibbard341June 2005unknown17
Olaf Shenstrom Anderson341June 2005Anderson18
Robert Anderson - founder of Idaho Falls341June 2005Fritzen20
Columbus Nickerson341June 2005Mangham24
Portrait story of Bingham Stake Relief Society Board, 1900331June 2004Fritzen2
William Reuben Scott (Rube)331June 2004unknown6
William Lavator Sharp , Jolia Allen Sharp331June 2004Sharp8
Olive Lucille Ingram Stoddard - autobiography331June 2004Stoddard9
Nels Just331June 2004Reid10
Mary Ellen Fisher Widdison - autobiography331June 2004Widdison12
Parley Nelson - From a letter written to Lloyd Adams331June 2004Walker14
Early pioneers of Bingham County331June 2004Reid16
Loretta M. Rigby - autobiography331June 2004Rigby19
Robert Russell Archibald331June 2004unknown20
Albert T. Stout331June 2004Bates22
A Year of Decision711978Glenn3
Bertha Berner Bauerle - First white woman in Mud Lake711978Staley6
Early School Systems in Idaho711978Staley8
Water - A History of the Mud Lake Area711978Staley10
Rexburg's Motion Picture Theaters311June 2002Johnson2
Depression Years 1932311June 2002Gillispie12
Some of My Earliest Recollections - John R. Winter311June 2002Winter13
Elk Theater Memory311June 2002Parkinson22
An Ashton Pioneer Family - Memories of Edythe Weerts311June 2002Daniels22
Edna Margaret Porter Hegsted Brown311June 2002Hegsted24
Shelton is special611977unlistedinsert
Rock houses of Rexburg611977Hanni4
Early Settlers of Egin Bench - Powell and Rawson Families611977Carter8
History of Jane Powell611977Miller15
A History of Ashton611977Hibbert18
Frank Pratt141Spring 1985Bradshaw47
Editorial371June 2008unlisted1
Other Memories of Mud Lake711978Staley13
Horace Arnold Hess - An Autobiography711978Hess15
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1903-1910321March 2003various2
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1911-1920321March 2003various11
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1921-1930321March 2003various16
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1931-1940321March 2003various20
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1941-1950321March 2003various22
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1951-1960321March 2003various26
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1961-1970321March 2003various28
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1971-1980321March 2003various28
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1981-1990321March 2003various30
Juvenile Detention Center History, 1991-2000321March 2003various35
Juvenile Detention Center History, 2000-present321March 2003various36
Flag Day at I.I.T.S.321march 2003unknown37
Juvenile Detention Center History, Application Form 1916321March 2003unknown38
As I Remember It321March 2003Harris39
Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections Center - St. Anthony, February 2003321March 2003Cordon42
Perils of the path511976Wright2
Perils of the path511976Anderson3
Perils of the path511976Egbert4
Perils of the path511976Rich4
Founding of Bannock Stake Academy511976Roundy6
Thoreau's Disciple in Driggs511976Cowan11
Thomas E. Ricks, a founding father511976Ricks13
The Clark Stone511976Lovell19
Nelson-Ricks Creamery Company511976Forbush20
Mayhew Hillman, an honest man511976unlisted23
Perils of the path511976Wright24
Teton Dam disaster fact sheet301June 2001Grover2
Teton Dam Flood in Roberts301June 2001Fryer16
Teton Dam Flood of 1976301June 2001Farrar22
Eastern Idaho in the nineteenth century291June 2000Clements2
Herman Untiedt291June 2000Staley5
Barzee Family of Birch Creek291June 2000Staley8
Blackfoot River Valley291June 2000Reid9
The School291June 2000Lindsay10
Basalt291June 2000Cook10
Deer Creek School291June 2000Butler10
Firth291June 2000Berg10
Fort Hall, Idaho, The Good Shepherd Episcopal Mission291June 2000Wallace12
Glennore School291June 2000Jones12
Goshen291June 2000Cook12
Kimball291June 2000Taylor12
Lavaside291June 2000unlisted15
Moreland291June 2000unlisted15
Tilden291June 2000unlisted15
Otis291June 2000unlisted15
Rose291June 2000Bates15
Morning of Mornings291June 2000Stilson17
To Yellowstone and Back291June 2000Hill20
One School or two schools and then there were none291June 2000Daniels22
Mud Lake L.D.S. Church281June 1999Staley2
Isaac Newton Haynes 1892-1980281June 1999Haynes4
Richard W. Morphey 1864-1927281June 1999unlisted8
Kaintuck Letters281June 1999Morphey10
100 years of hay handling equipment in Idaho - old and new281June 1999Chapman13
Electricity arrives in Blackfoot281June 1999Bates16
Gilmore, Idaho281June 1999Rassmusen18
Farnum: A pioneer community411975Wright1
Dig to preserve, not to destroy411975Wright6
A brief history of Marysville411975Egbert9
The Sleigh Ride Party411975Smith14
Newly formed Fremont County Historical Society sets museum as goal411975unlisted14
Joseph Hollis Egbert: Marysville pioneer411975Rich15
Carl F. Lenz, early Fremont County settler411975Lenz18
Carl F. Lenz, Ashton Area Homesteader, Is Honored in Family Reunion.411975unlisted19
Rexburg Tabernacle411975Glenn23
Tauthpaus Park241November 1995unlisted3
Origin of names - Jefferson County241November 1995Morris3
Our Courthouses as archives and halls of justice241November 1995Forbush6
Theo Fullmer Memories241November 1995Fullmer13
History of Dubay Herbert Sainsbury - Sainsbury & Sons soda water works, Rexburg, Idaho241November 1995Sainsbury13
"Terreton" Means Opportunity241November 1995unlisted18
Fred T. Dubois241November 1995Clements23
Targhee National Forest231June 1994McDonald1
History of Davis Sheep231June 1994Davis3
The origin of Sheep Falls231June 1994Lee6
Along Caribou National Forest231June 1994Farrar9
Living in the National Forest231June 1994Buckland11
Rock Creek Girls Camp231June 1994Forbush13
Treasure Mountain, Camp of the Tetons231June 1994Strong13
Big Elk YMCA Camp231June 1994unlisted15
Idaho Fish and Game Department231June 1994Parker16
Warm River hatchery231June 1994Misseldine17
South Lumber Company231June 1994unlisted18
A recollection by Barry South231June 1994South20
Teton Basin Ranger District, Targhee National Forest231June 1994Miller21
Bond for Enterprise Irrigation District - petition2211June 1992unlisted11
Idaho's High 9 - mountain peaks211June 1992Baugher12
East Side School211June 1992unlisted17
Jefferson County Remembers Women of World War 2211June 1992Scott17
Rules and Regulations of the Yellowstone National Park - 191021Summer 1972unlisted4
John Colter21Summer 1972unlisted5
Indians of the Park21Summer 1972unlisted5
Nez Perce in the Park21Summer 1972unlisted6
Yellowstone Nomenclature21Summer 1972unlisted7
How Yellowstone Park Was Named21Summer 1972Helmuth8
Yellowstone - Wild Animals and Birds21Summer 1972unlisted10
Yellowstone Park History21Summer 1972unlisted15
Yellowstone - Old Faithful Inn21Summer 1972unlisted21
Yellowstone Information21Summer 1972unlisted22
Oral History by Harold Forbush11Summer 1971Forbush4
Eastern Idaho State Fair - 197111Summer 1971unlisted7
A Brief Autobiography and Accumulative History by J. Edgar Birch11Summer 1971Birch8
Who and What in Idaho11Summer 1971unlisted11
Andrew Henry - Fur Trapper11Summer 1971Clements11
"My Home in Idaho"11Summer 1971Birch19
"Grandeur of the Tetons"11Summer 1971Birch20
"The Grand Old Snake"11Summer 1971Birch21
The "Camp Henry Rocks"1011981unlisted75
Black gold - Teton Valley coal31Fall 1973Barrett1
Society receives the papers of A.C. Lambert31Fall 1973unlisted5
Token Tales - Gilmore31Fall 1973Ballard6
Charles Calvin Moore - Eastern Idaho's Dirt Farm Governor31Fall 1973Ricks7
Market Lake - A home for indians, trappers and pioneers31Fall 1973Luther12
Roberts Area is site for 1973 summer field trip31Fall 1973unlisted14
For Slips and High Button Shoes - Taylor Idaho31Fall 1973Beardsley15
The Groom Homestead: Garfield's first cabin31Fall 1973Groom18
Upper Snake River to 1840271June 1998Clements2
A bit of Menan History271June 1998Poole6
Adam Berdett Eckersell271June 1998unlisted7
The Most Comfortable Home271June 1998Nelson9
The Owsley Projects: A project too many271June 1998Scott11
Rexburg's first hotel - 1888271June 1998Johnson21
Wicks School271June 1998Bates22
New Cars In Town - Taken from the Teton Peak Chronicle 1913271June 1998unlisted24
Recipe For Making Good Husbands - Teton Peak Chronicle 1913271June 1998unlisted24
World War 2 Rationing Program - Part 3261June 1997Matthews2
As I Remember - D. Mark Hegsted261June 1997Hegsted5
Snake River Inventor Carl Edward Johnson 1888-1972261June 1997Johnson12
Netted Collar from the past261June 1997Whitworth13
William Glover McAlister261June 1997Goodfellow14
Spencer261June 1997Curtis15
Polly Olson261June 1997Scott17
Thoughts and Memories of Pauline 'Polly' Olsen261June 1997Wright18
Blackfoot Fire Department261June 1997Mangum20
Nicholia Warblings261June 1997Bates22
Trains of Eastern Idaho261June 1997Elliot23
Cures for Sleeplessness261June 1997unlisted24
A legend of the Teton/Big Medicine251June 1996Strong2
Heise Hot Springs251June 1996Quinn5
Music in Menan251June 1996Shippen7
Grist Mill - Menan251June 1996Shippen10
Jack Rabbits - Fastest animals in the West251June 1996Reid12
From Ashton to Yellowstone Park - The scenic Stage Road251June 1996Nedrow15
World War 2 Rationing Program - Part 1251June 1996Matthews21
Trains of Eastern Idaho251June 1996Elliott23
Black Eye - From a 1909 Medical Book251June 1996unlisted24
A Market Lake Death211June 1992unlisted2
Rigby, Idaho National Guard211June 1992unlisted3
Justice of the Peace Granted - petition211June 1992unlisted4
Taxes Remitted - petition211June 1992unlisted4
School District Division - remonstrance211June 1992unlisted5
School Line Boundaries - petition211June 1992unlisted5
Heise Road - petition211June 1992unlisted5
School District Boundary Change - petition211June 1992unlisted6
Enterprise Irrigation District - petition211June 1992unllisted7
More on Enterprise Irrigation District - petition211June 1992unlisted8
Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society1221983Unlisted59
Winchester Museum Culdesac1221983Unlisted60
Project Director Comments1221983Clements27
Bingham County Historical Museum1221983Unlisted28
Blaine County Historical Museum1221983Unlisted30
Bonner County Historical Society Sandpoint1221983Unlisted30
Bonneville County Historical Museum Idaho Falls1221983Unlisted31
Boundary County Historical Society Bonner's Ferry1221983Unlisted33
Cambridge Museum Cambridge1221983Unlisted34
Castle Museum Juliaetta1221983Unlisted34
Craters of the Moon National Monument1221983Unlisted36
Fremont County Historical Society, St. Anthony1221983Unlisted37
Old Fort Hall Replica, Pocatello1221983Unlisted37
Heritage Hall Museum, Dubois1221983Unlisted40
Herrett Museum, College of Southern Idaho1221983Unlisted40
News Item: Hess Heritage Museum Opens1221983Unlisted41
October 2, 19821221983Unlisted42
Idaho County Historical Society Grangeville1221983Unlisted44
Idaho Historical Preservation Council, Boise1221983Unlisted44
Idaho Museum of Natural History, Pocatello1221983Unlisted45
The Institute of the American West, Sun Valley1221983Unlisted46
Island Park Interpretive Association, Big Springs1221983Unlisted46
Jefferson County Historical Society Rigby1221983Unlisted47
Moments of History of our Society1221983Unlisted47
Latah County Historical Society Moscow1221983Unlisted47
Lemhi County Historical Museum Salmon1221983Unlisted48
Lewis County Historical Society Kamiah1221983Unlisted48
Lochsa Historical Ranger Station Kooskia1221983Unlisted49
Long Valley Preservation Society Donnelly1221983Unlisted49
Luna House Museum Lewiston1221983Unlisted50
The Russell Steamer1221983Unlisted51
Minidoka County Historical Society Museum Rupert1221983Unlisted51
Museum of North Idaho, Couer d' Alene1221983Unlisted53
Owyhee County Historical Museum Murphy1221983Unlisted54
St. Gertrude's Museum Cottonwood1221983Unlisted54
South Bannock County Center and Museum, Lava Hot Sporings1221983Unlisted55
Sprag Pole Museum Murray1221983Unlisted57
Teton Valley Historical Society Victor1221983Unlisted58
Twin Falls County Museum, Filer1221983Unlisted58
Editorial222October 1993Clements26
The Primary Association in Rigby 1886-1900222October 1993scott26
Ucon Musical Heritage222October 1993Barrus29
Oregon Trail vignette222October 1993case33
The allotted time of man222October 1993clark33
Wood livestock company222October 1993unlisted39
Joseph Smith Morris, First elected law man of Rexburg222October 1993Morris46
A pioneer school and church421975Kinghorn48
Jefferson Historical Society seeks to preserve county heritage421975McMurtrey49
The story of Menan421975Andrew50
Mud Lake - A land of contrasts421975Gerard52
Early Days in Burton: An oral history32Winter 1974Hall23
Token Tales32Winter 1974Ballard30
"We Salute You"32Winter 1974Reid30
Amateur Archaeologists Have a Role to Play32Winter 1974Wright31
Society News and Notes32Winter 1974unlisted32
Rigby - Settlement and Early Days32Winter 1974Scott33
John Albert Garner Family is Honored32Winter 1974unlisted38
Alexander Toponce: Pioneer Freighter32Winter 1974Wilde39
"Old Pierre"32Winter 1974Latham40
Discovery of the Battle Grounds1321984Bennett26
Elvin Henniger's here 'n there1321984henniger27
About the letters1321984Lyons31
The History and legend of Bugler Bernard A Brooks1321984Bennett33
Birch Creek Massacre1321984Shoup40
Correspndance of Miss Laura Brooks with army1321984Forbush42
Major James Jackson--Medal of Honor1321984Forbush43
Report of the General of the Army1321984Forbush43
Moments of History1321984Forbush47
Collector's Corner1321984Wright48
The Rexburg Stake Tabernacle1021981Beal28
Rexburg Tabernacle History1021981Clements29
Basement construction1021981Parkinson32
Quarterly Conferences1021981Clark33
Landscaping the Tabernacle grounds1021981Pieper34
Alma Larsen, Patriarch1021981Clarke36
A pipe organ for the tabernacle1021981Bidduph36
Community Entertainment1021981Chapman38
Graduation in the Tabernacle1021981Stucki38
Teton Flood Revisited1021981Clements41
Editorial372November 2008Unlisted25
History of the Upper Snake River Area to 1840372November 2008Clements27
Upper and Lower Presto2922000Reid26
First Snake River Bridge At Firth2922000Cederberg28
Wicks School2922000Knodle31
Mud Lake Historical Society2922000Gerard36
Twenty Mule Teams2922000Poole38
Terrible Snow Storm2922000Poole39
School Ten Miles West of Roberts2922000Webster39
Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society2922000Clements39
Gem Aircraft Inc.2922000Clements42
Warren Knapp and his Tie Hack Family2922000Daniels46
Historical Notes2922000Lovell47
Standoff at the Rushbeds Taken from History of Teton Valley2922000Driggs47
Kelly Canyon Gold From an Interview with Bertha Gavin2922000Unlisted48
Ammon Settlers before 1900921980Stringham26
Idaho Falls Music Heritage921980Barrus27
John Franklin Norton921980Daughters of Utah Pioneer History31
The Settling of Ammon - James Albert Owens Family921980Campbell32
Mary Abigail Grow Owen921980Amelia37
Horace Nathaniel Owen, Charles Henford Owen, William Franklin Owen Senior, Joseph Henry Owen921980
The Empey Ranch on the Sellard Ranch921980Empey38
John Empey921980Empey39
Arthur Rawson921980
Ephraim Empey921980Woolf44
Charles Hayes921980Hayes45
Joseph Empey921980Empey45
John Wesley Molen921980Molen46
Carl Otto Holm921980Holm47
Arthur and Dora Ball921980
Grandpa's story, revised by Carol Yamasaki, age 101121982Yamasaki74
The ethnic experience in Idaho1121982Waite75
The Swiss colony of Island Park1121982Green78
The time that grandmother danced on the wall1121982unlisted80
The Scandinavian organization1121982Johnson82
The Spanish speaking people living among us1121982Forbush86
Moments of history of our society1121982Forbush88
War prisoners in the Upper Snake River Valley1944-19461121982Johnson89
Dam on Teton may be rebuilt. Post Register, March 4, 1986152summer 1986Barker26
The Teton River had its way152summer 1986Hubbard26
A synopsis of Teton Dam history152summer 1986Clements27
Review of Ross F. Peterson's book, The Teton Dam Disaster - Tragedy or Triumph152summer 1986unlisted29
Flood water memories152summer 1986Forbush38
Journal - Prologue152summer 1986Romrell40
After the Teton Dam broke152summer 1986Park42
Teton flood disaster - Blackfoot, Firth, and Bingham County152summer 1986Lawrence43
Water and Life152summer 1986Farrar46
Teton Dam failure - repercussions152summer 1986Fullmer47
Ten years later152summer 1986Johnson48
Indians of Upper Snake River372november 2008Clements29
Early explorations Northwest372november 2008Clements30
Explorers and fur traders372november 2008Clements32
Andrew Henry - Fort Henry372november 2008Clements33
Fort Henry today372november 2008Clements36
Overland Astorians372november 2008Clements37
North West Company - Hudson's Bay Company372november 2008Clements41
American expeditions372november 2008Clements44
Beginnings of missions372november 2008Clements49
Where was Eagle Rock?142Summer 1985Lovell50
Eagle Rock142Summer 1985Jensen50
Kidnap at Eagle Rock…142Summer 1985Reid52
Horace Edward Owen Remembers Ammon142Summer 1985Unlisted54
Moments of History142Summer 1985Forbush56
Hill Country142Summer 1985Griffith56
Keenan City. GOLD!!!142Summer 1985Collins57
Snake River: Travelers always wanted to be on the other side142Summer 1985Lovell58
Idaho Falls' Forgotten Bridge142Summer 1985Lovell59
Children of the Wild West142Summer 1985Freedman63
Aaron Williams Beach142Summer 1985Fillmore64
Pine Creek Bench-- A Little piece of the Last Frontier142Summer 1985Kruse67
Bonneville County Courthouse142Summer 1985Jensen69
Polygamist in the Old Bingham County Courthouse Bull Pen142Summer 1985Jensen70
Letters from Swan Valley, Idaho-- 1916 to 1918. Excerpts by Carolyn Schorr to Pasadena, California142Summer 1985Unlisted71
Stage Coaches in Yellowstone Park342November 2005Howard26
Rigby, Idaho342November 2005Cordon30
Eagle Rock342November 2005Keefer34
History of Mud Lake342November 2005Staley and Hartwell39
Pea Seed Industry342November 2005Wilcox46
History of the Rexburg area Chamber of Commerce352July 2006Clements26
The hydroelectric turbine at Island Park Dam362November 2007McKie26
New Deal in Teton Valley362November 2007Hoopes28
Early history of Market Lake362November 2007Reid33
Rigby's experimental store362November 2007Scott43
Margaret Garz Janssen362November 2007Janssen44
Christmas, New Years letter821979Kirkpatrick27
Bonneville County Historical Museum821979Lovell28
REA changed our lives821979Jensen Johnson30
My predecessors in office821979Forbush35
The last roundup. It happened in 1962821979Hanson39
Swan Valley elk patrol821979Daniels41
Men to match the River821979Cazier45
The allotted time of a man - Jesse Graham Clark821979Clark47
Willow Creek821979unknown48
Henry Schaefer332November 2004Rich26
Andrew Smith Anderson332November 2004unknown27
William (Willie) Stibal332November 2004Gisin30
Benjamin Woodbury Diggs332November 2004unknown31
Richard Swift Wilkie332November 2004Forbush32
Athol Eugene Later 1894-1967332November 2004Forbush33
Samuel Irving Adelstein 1892-1949332November 2004Forbush34
Alfred Ricks332November 2004unknown34
Amelia Malloy Holst Peterson332November 2004unknown36
Amelia Susan McMillan Palmer - autobiography332November 2004Palmer37
Parley Pratt Parker and Rhonda Lee332November 2004Albretsen39
George Brunt, Enterprising Eagle Rock Pioneer332November 2004Fritzen42
Stephen Abiel Browning332November 2004Earl47
Don Ricks - Western artist721978unknown28
Bigfoot, the terror of Idaho721978Fujimoto30
The Life and Times of William Craig721978Bacon39
The Great Lettuce Swindle721978Unknown48
Egbert Family312November 2002Egbert45
The Siddoway Family312November 2002Siddoway46
The Davis Family312November 2002Davis48
The Furniss Family312November 2002Furniss49
The Murdock Brothers312November 2002unknown49
Bill and Nettie Tanner312November 2002Tucks49
Memories of Sheep Shearing Days312November 2002Reddick50
Sheep Shearing312November 2002Flint51
The True Story of Old Shep312November 2002Siddowayinside back cover
Dog Derbies 1917-51 Brought world attention621977unlisted27
Nez Perce Battles621977Smith31
History of Parker Ward621977unlisted35
Parker - another view621977unlisted40
A history of Fremont County - Ashton Chamber of Commerce621977unlisted44
Early explorations of the west621977unlisted45
Prelude to war521976Glenn27
History of Grant Ward521976unlisted36
Kate Baker Curley - her house521976Backstrom39
Joseph Kinghorn 'Scotch Laddie' homesteader521976Marriott40
Cyril Josiah Call - Rigby Pioneer521976Morgan42
The Robert Dinsdale Family521976Morgan46
'The East Wind Still Blows…' - Joseph Hyrum Lovell521976Lovell48
Robert Stuart - Oregon Trail212November 1992Clements43
I Remember A Friend212November 1992Wheeler46
Egin Grade School212November 1992Bradshaw48
Henry Bolland Jr.1221983unlisted110
A Wood LiveStock Experience312November 2002Clements26
Roberts to Birch Creek - Roger Rising312November 2002Rising30
Croft Brothers in Bonneville County312November 2002Fritzen32
George David Hansen, Sheepman312November 2002Johnson35
The Menan Sheep Company312November 2002Hanson37
Siddoway Sheep Company312November 2002Siddoway38
Allan Thompson312November 2002Thompson41
Sheep Ranches Summer Range on the Targhee National Forest312November 2002Forbush43
The McCulloch Family312November 2002McCulloch45
Edith Haroldson Lovell302November 2001Forbush26
Dance Halls and Dance Bands302November 2001Parkinson27
Recollections of Gladys Wood's Dance Orchestra302November 2001Robison33
Wandamere Ballroom, Idaho Falls302November 2001Marker36
Ross Doney Parkinson - Dance Band Years302November 2001Parkinson38
Ricks Academy Band and Orchestra302November 2001Farrar40
Blanch Moor Mangum302November 2001Lords42
The Grand Ole Man of Music302November 2001Hanson43
L. Jay Cook and his Accordian302November 2001Cook43
Showhouse Curtains302November 2001Dwigans46
Ray Palmer/Young Orchestra302November 2001Jensen47
Lynn Jensen Band302November 2001Jensen49
Moran "Mori" Leon Hiatt302November 2001Bates50
Virginia Theater302November 2001Snyder51
Roberts Showhouse302November 2001Reid54
Movie Memories302November 2001Lords55
Utah and Northern railroad282November 1999Clements26
Oregon Short Line282November 1999Clements28
Lumber company fit to be tied282November 1999Post Register30
First train ride - 1934282November 1999Reid30
Cabooses282November 1999Drumenacker34
Significant dates in railroad history282November 1999unlisted35
Lorenzo, the town that was282November 1999Johnson36
Preserving a memory282November 1999Scott41
The "Crummy"282November 1999Peterson42
The railroad bridges of the Teton Vally Branch282November 1999Waite43
History of Rexburg272November 1998Anderson26
Construction of the Extension to the Island Canal272November 1998Hall37
Beaver Canyon272November 1998Pettite46
Winsper272November 1998unlisted46
Ririe…Settlement and Early History421975Summers29
Rigby: A brief history421975Burton27
Pioneer entertainment421975unlisted30
Mrs. R.L. Speelmon - Mud Lake Pioneer421975Staley30
The Rigby Star - 79 years in Jefferson421975unlisted31
How Rigby got its name421975unlisted31
Heise Ferry Crossing421975Morgan32
Thomas Morgan - Snake River Pioneer421975Radford34
Lewisville - In the beginning421975Ellsworth35
Homestead homes - Grant area style421975unlisted37
Roberts in pioneer times421975Pettite40
My Youth is All Spent421975Fife42
John Morgan, LaBelle Pioneer421975Orman45
Coming of the railroad421975Scott46
Hamer and other nearby communities421975Pettite47
Automobiles to the Park - 1913242November 1995unlisted44
A day in June - 1911242November 1995Broadhurst45
Two Cylinder Reo242November 1995Broulim48
Abraham Park Smith & Lucinda Deborah Clifford, "Their Life Together"232November 1994Burkhalter26
Idaho Senator, Glen Taylor232November 1994Elliott32
The Settlement of Victor232November 1994Holmes35
My Life and Times - by Edith Nordstrom Davis232November 1994Davis37
Peter Anderegg232November 1994Anderegg38
Hortense Hanson Memories232November 1994Hanson39
Community Presbyterian Church - Rigby, Idaho232November 1994Smith40
Water Woes Predicted - poem, "To The Public of Future Idaho"232November 1994Anderson41
David Brekenridge Family232November 1994unlisted43
Farnworth Ranch, Ashton, Idaho232November 1994Farnworth46
The Fall River Bridge on the Teton Valley Branch212November 1992Waite25
Roads and Excursions212November 1992Lawrence28
Early Mountain Freeways212November 1992Miles31
Kate's Trail across Teton River Canyon212November 1992Ricks32
Young Organ212November 1992Hatch36
Stibal Trail212November 1992Gisin37
Teton Valley History by Thomas Murphy22Fall 1972Murphy28
The Indians and Trappers Returned to Pierre's Hole in 197222Fall 1972Frantz30
The Rendezvous of 1832 and the Battle of Pierre's Hole of the Same Year22Fall 1972Wilson37
Pierre Tevanitagon (Old Pierre, the Iroquois)22Fall 1972unlisted42
Darby22Fall 1972unlisted44
Cache Ward22Fall 1972unlisted44
Leigh-Clawson22Fall 1972unlisted44
Haden22Fall 1972unlisted45
Bates and Cedron22Fall 1972unlisted45
Pratt22Fall 1972unlisted46
Eastern Idaho Revisited12Fall 1971Clements27
Chapin, Idaho12Fall 1971unlisted31
"The Pioneers"12Fall 1971Blanchard34
1971 Summer Field Trip12Fall 1971unlisted34
A Lime Kiln in Kelly Canyon12Fall 1971unlisted35
A Collection of Historical Documents, A Citizens Responsibility12Fall 1971Glenn38
Chief Targhee12Fall 1971Madsen41
The Old Mudlaker262November 1997Elliott26
William Jennings Bryan, 1860-1925262November 1997Bates27
Nicholia262November 1997Bates28
J.C. "Doc" Sorensen262November 1997Bates29
Who was Kittie Orella McGarvey?262November 1997Bates29
Karl (Carl) Granberg, February 3, 1884 - May 5, 1940262November 1997Mattson31
Elijah Schofield, Pioneer without a gun262November 1997Kimball34
Grandma McCulloch's cupboard262November 1997Mihlfeith42
Wayne Wright262November 1997unlisted43
Mom's Good Old Washdays262November 1997Genta44
Polly G. Gibson Stibal, Early Business Woman of Roberts,262November 1997Reid45
Receipt for making good husbands - Teton Peak Chronicle, 1913262November 1997unlisted47
New cars in town - Teton Peak Chronicle, 1913262November 1997unlisted47
World War 2 rationing program - part 2252October 1996Mathews26
Ashton Reminiscences252October 1996Scow29
Shannon Motel, Rexburg, Idaho252October 1996Bats32
Life History of Obadiah Armstrong252October 1996Erickson33
The first hundred years - Community Church Presbyterian 1896-1996, St. Anthony, Idaho52October 1996Trupp36
Pioneer Life in Fremont County252October 1996Nickel39
Jefferson County Historical Society Museum252October 1996Scott42
Embroidery through the years252October 1996Reid44
Haying Time252October 1996unlisted45
Charles Wesley Shippen's rememberances of the Menan Band252October 1996Shippen48
Alphanso M. Carter242November 1995Smith26
Christian and Elizabeth Aeschbacher242November 1995unlisted27
Newdale, Idaho242November 1995Chantrill28
The Ascent of Mount Hayden242November 1995unlisted32
Roberts Showhouse242November 1995Reid39
Records of YLMIA of Bannock Stake, 1892242November 1995Gates41
Automobile wins race against circus elephant - 1913242November 1995unlisted42
Rodeo Champion, Cowboy Artist - Earl W. Bascom, rides into sunset242November 1995Koon43
Tetonia and Its Changes212November 1992O'Brian39
Oregon Trail - Fort Hall212November 1992Meeker41
The Lover Lufkin Stolworthy Story.1531976Stolworthy50
The First Hospitals153autum 1986Hanson55
Foster Mothers for Service men and Women153autum 1986Unlisted56
Clothes for Korean Orphans153autum 1986Unlisted58
Clothing Drive Proves Success153autum 1986J.H.A.58
Grover T. Bennet, Veteran153autum 1986Hanson62
The Settlement And Adaptation Of The Japanese People In the Rexburg Area153Autum 1986Yamasaki64
Shoshones Vs Crows223October 1993Olsen31
Monements of history of our society1131982Forbush98
The old indian graveyard1131982Olsen99
Challenge is a Part of Darlington Heritage1331984Clezie50
Mackay Dam1331984Smith52
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Phillip Nonini - Italian Immigrants1331984Nonini54
Mackay's Churches1331984Olsen55
Memories of the White Knob School1331984Reynolds56
An Unusual Bus1331984Blume and Tipton59
Back There a Ways1331984Lemmon60
Getting to School1331984Blume64
Old Barton School House1331984Fullmer65
The Rise and Fall of Chilly, Idaho1331984Thalman66
Barton Landmarks1331984Clezie68
A Few Recollections of Lost River Valley From the "Old Days"1331984Hintze70
"Fiddling Bill" Lambson1331984Unlisted71
Early Squirrel Country and the Highland Ranch's First Owners1231983Rick62
Schools at Squirrels1231983Rich and Moon63
Boundaries of Squirrel School District 691231983unlisted63
Life on the Highland Ranch1231983Loosli64
Squirrel Cemetery1231983unlisted67
Orme Family Information1231983Chapman68
Life of Samuel Washington Orme, Jr.1231983Chapman68
Life of Mary Agnes Smith Orme1231983Chapman73
Joseph Cross Orme1231983unlisted75
John Kirby Orme1231983Dalling77
Sketch of Life of S.C. Orme Written in His Own Words1231983Orme80
Silas C. Orme1231983Orme80
Baseball Team1231983unlisted82
Emma Jane Smith Orme1231983Hawkes83
Bob sledding 19231131982Wilding99
A trilogy in affliction upon our valley pioneers1131982Forbush100
Another duck hunt1131982Wilding103
Joseph Smith Morris, first elected lawman of Rexburg1131982Morris104
Rustic cabin1131982Smith107
Early electric service, Part 11131982Genta112
Duck hunting 19251131982unlisted115
The Shining Spirit1131982Cazier116
The kidnapping of A. E. Empey1131982Olsen118
Teton Basin about 19171131982Wilding120
A Monument143Autumn 1985Hyde75
The Salt Works143Autumn 1985Clark76
Star Valley-- An Outlaw Wintering Ground143Autumn 1985Bradfield77
Portrait of a Star Valley Writer143Autumn 1985Porter85
Star Valley's Pioneer Doctor-- the saga of George West143Autumn 1985Osmun86
Star Valley Rose143Autumn 1985Unlisted81
The Lander Trail143Autumn 1985Erickson81
The Great Indian Scare of 1895143Autumn 1985Low82
The Sulpher Springs143Aututmn 1985Hyde84
Star Valley, Past and present-- Aspects of the human dimension143Autumn 1985Perkes94
Memories of Sam Young, Jr.: 50 years on Grey's River143Autumn 1985Osmun99
Star Valley in the Context of Western Settlement143Autumn 1985May103
History of Star Valley's Intermittent Spring143Autumn 1985Nebeker111
Fifty years of progress143Autumn 1985Unlisted113
Pompeii143Autumn 1985Richardson115
The Farm Story143Autumn 1985Reeves116
Bits and Pieces of Star Valley History143Autumn 1985Booth119
A Game Warden's Memories of Grey's River143Autumn 1985Gardner120
Development of electricity in Teton Valley831979Jeppsen50
Highlights in the history of Teton Valley831979Gillette51
The old problem, sheep versus cattle831979Gillette53
The memorable character - Cal Carrington831979Gillette54
The four plagues (excerpts)831979Cowan62
The trail of the "Count", Julian M. DeCoster831979Cowan63
A regrettable happening831979Gillette67
A twist from intentions831979Gillette68
Doctor Keith831979Cowan70
Gold mining in Idaho731978Clements51
The rocks speak731978Miller71
Peter Kelly631977Smith51
Hugh Whitney - Outlaw631977Daniels53
Best I can remember - Hugh Whitney631977Lundholm56
The Whitney Brothers631977Wilde57
Shelton was named for Bishop Howard?631977Lovell63
Shelton Road631977Johnson67
The old Idaho State Penitentiary631977Jensen69
Country Roads1231983unlisted84
Squirrel's Mail Carriers1231983unlisted85
Squirrel Friendship Club1231983unlisted85
Carl F.L. and Anna K. Lenz1231983Hetzel86
Walter Lenz1231983unlisted89
Olaf Larson - Stereoscopist1231983Rich and Lenz90
The Lenz and Griffel Families1231983Lenz92
History of Herman H. Lenz1231983Ronfeld92
Johann Sturm Family1231983Lords and Sturm94
Oscar and Betta Franz1231983Miller94
The Curtis Marsdens1231983unlisted94
Katie M. (Bolland) Garz1231983Garz95
William Paul Garz1231983Garz96
The Squirrel Hall1231983unlisted97
Our First Dance at Squirrel1231983Baum97
Lutheran Church1231983unlisted98
Latter-Day Saints1231983unlisted98
The Squirrel Store1231983Rich and Lenz99
Axel Johnsons1231983unlisted99
The History of Chris and August Harrigfeld1231983unlisted100
Threshing Time1231983Rich101
Short Personal Histories1231983Baum102
Henry Schaefer1231983Rich106
David R. Clouse1231983Howe107
Henry and Margaret Boesen Griffel1231983unlisted108
Claus Heinrick Bolland1231983unlisted110
Family Brands and Their Histories1231983unlisted111
Sharp Family History1231983Sharp112
Moments of History1231983Forbush112
Louis Kandler1231983Kandler113
Christian Jessen1231983Miller113
Why They Stayed1231983Chapman115
Squirrel Address is Noteworthy in Medical Profession to Area Members1231983unlisted115
Two Summers on the Orme Ranch1231983Johnson117
Names, Names, Names323November 2003Daniels70
Nomenclature - origination of local area names323November 2003unknown71
Mesa Falls - By U.S. Forest Service & Idaho State Parks and Recreation323November 2003unknown88
Joseph Sherwood Family323November 2003unknown89
The Teton Dam has burst531976Stoddard50
John Colter, Mountain Man531976Gibson52
Lewis and Clark through Idaho531976Williams54
Lemhi Field Trip: 1976531976Ball56
Theft of my home531976Fowler64
Erastus Egan and Alice Moss531976Stevens68
"Farm Sale"531976Hunter71
Edward Harrop and Harriet531976unlisted72
Hyrum Moss531976unlisted72
Sugar: A Short History33Spring 1974Luke43
Where Was Fort Henry?33Spring 1974Clements51
Use the Archaeological Approach to Artifact Hunting33Spring 1974Wright56
The Massacre on Birch Creek13Winter 1971Smith52
Idaho Merchants Tokens13Winter 1971Ballard56
Thornton, Idaho13Winter 1971unlisted59
Notes from the annual fall public meetings13Winter 1971unlisted60
"The Little Brown Mare"13Winter 1971Hillman61
Dedication of Marker #378 - Daughters of Utah Pioneers - Menan, Idaho August 28, 197113Winter 1971unlisted64
"I'm Going Back Home"13Winter 1971Gillette65
Long Distance Rides and Raids13Winter 1971Fuller66
"Three Pines Upon the Hill"13Winter 1971Woods69
"The Valley Growing Green"13Winter 1971Woods70
The beaver still lives in Idaho23Winter 1972Clements51
Richard Leigh - Beaver Dick23Winter 1972unlisted52
"Silver Sage"23Winter 1972Keele53
"Desert Scene"23Winter 1972Keele53
The role of the beaver23Winter 1972Allred57
"The Spirit of Idaho"23Winter 1972Woods61
Four Slips and High Buttons Shoes - Taylor Idaho23Winter 1972Beardsley62
3rd Annual History Fair - 197323Winter 1972unlisted66
"Grandmas Treasures" - In memory of Elizabeth Jenkins23Winter 1972Little67
The Three Kentuckians23Winter 1972Clements68
Grace Jordan visits Idaho Falls23Winter 1972unlisted69
To Idaho Statehood23Winter 1972Woods70
"Snake River Sings"23Winter 1972Woods70
Flood Control Measures Likely in Wake of Area's Worst Flood 19621141982Unlisted134
Blizzard of 19641141982Unlisted134
The Winter of 1948 - 49 and Other Winter Experiences1141982Fullmer135
Memories of 1948 - 49 Winter1141982Weatherston137
Winter 1923 and 19241141982Wilding137
Postman Remembers Winter of '48 - 491141982Unlisted138
Louis Jones Snowplane Performs Emergency Acts in Recent Storms1141982Unlisted139
Fly Fishing Know No Age Limit1141982Ashliman140
My Father Was a Fisherman1141982Morris143
The Post-Register Idaho Falls, Idaho Wednesday Jan. 27, 19821141982Unlisted144
Moments in History1041981Forbush74
The "Camp Henry Rocks"1041981Forbush75
Rexburg's Centennial: A Success1241983Clements123
Rexburg Centennial Ball1241983Walker125
Rexburg Centennial Musical Production1241983Forbush127
Centennial Committees1241983Manwaring129
Moments of History1241983Forbush131
History of the Rexburg Post Office1241983Matthews132
Teton City 1883 - 19831241983Briggs138
Teton Country1241983Kuntz140
Teton Valley1241983Kunz140
Summer in West Tetons1241983Smith140
Home Life in Pioneer Beginnings1241983Smith141
Down to Old Aunt Nell's1241983Smith141
Urban Sprawl is Ruining Our Farm1241983Hansen142
Our Farm1241983Hansen144
The Farm1241983Hanson144
John Colter the exceptional mountain man941980gillette80
The progress and history to the modern day941980gilllette82
Tales of the Teton Pass941980sherwood84
The first limestone quarry941980grandy87
A Twice Told Bear Story1041981Jenkins77
Sasquatch - Bigfoot1041981Clements78
Who Dug up the Graves1041981Genta79
Nyland's Peak1041981Summers79
The Flying Woman of Little Pine Creek1041981McMurtrey82
Mail Service in Idaho1041981Matthews85
Our Great Snake River Valley1041981Unlisted91
Who Was Bill Nolan1041981Olsen92
Mission Accomplished154winter 1986Unlisted74
The Wagon Box Prophecy154winter 1986Olsen77
Dick Driscoll Gets Shot by an Indian154winter 1986Unlisted81
Harrold Henry Harrison3154winter 1986Ford85
Hello From Valhalla154winter 1986Osmun86
Railroad Ranch VS Sportsmen154winter 1986unlisted92 - 93
A Traffic Accident Near Bone154winter 1986Jones93 - 94
Not For Me154winter 1986Keele94
Moments of History154winter 1986Forbush95
Egin Bench154winter 1986Unlisted95 - 96
Letter to Jerry Dick from Lawrence Browning State of Idaho Transportation Dept.1141982Browning134
The Upper Snake River Weather of the Winter of 1948 - 491141982Forbush127
Blizzard Encounters1141982Rick128
Winter 1948 - 49 Driggs Idaho1141982Jensen130
Haylift of 19481141982Perks131
Winter of 48 - 491141982Siddoway131
Winters we would rather forget1141982Hanson132
Photo Survives 14 Years After the Flood1141982Hanson132
Restoring the Rexburg Tabernacle144winter 1985Wilding122
History of flag pole and base at the museum144winter 1985Wilding125
The day that mama bobbed her hair144winter 1985Lovell126
The placid pond144winter 1985Larsen128
The good old days in Teton Basin144winter 1985Hubbard134
Daisy, Where are you now?144winter 1985Wolfgang135
A story told by Hy and Hannah Frew144winter 1985Wolfgang137
Milk and me144winter 1985Johnson138
History of the Mooney and Barns murder case144winter 1985Homer140
The Idaho Elector's Oath144winter 1985Johnson143
Mackay-White Knob Field Trip, Summer 1979841979Lovell75
Musical heritage of Southeastern Idaho841979Clements77
How do you say thanks?841979Johnson78
What is Chesterfield Foundation?841979unlisted83
"This Land is Mine"841979Genta85
Fox Creek Quarry941980elliot87
The demolition man of Teton Valley941980burnside91
Yellowstone bandit escapes to Teton Valley941980unlisted94
Hilglights in the history of the Teton Valley941980gillette75
Teton Basin musical heritage941980barrus76
The Shooting of Charley O'Toole1341984Lindstrom74
Remember Christmas Past1341984Smith77
Annie Beers Driggs and Leland's Nail Keg1341984Driggs78
Leland Driggs' Hardware Store1341984Smith79
History of Bever Dick Park1341984Wilding80
Ugly They Were.. Beauty They Housed1341984Morris83
The First View of the Ocean1341984Driggs88
There was Gold on Caribou!1341984Olsen89
Moments of History of the Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society1341984Forbush90
Nothin' Like The Ole Times Now1341984Genta91
The Idaho Elector's Oath1341984Johnson93
Early Oxen and Bullwhacker Tales1341984Luthy and Genta94
The Vigilantes1341984Unlisted96
Stage Coaches From S.L.C13419894Unlisted96
President Lincolin1341984Unlisted96
Wagons to the Gold Fields1341984Unlisted96
Walnut Tree Heritage841979Genta91
Dimond and Hattie Loosli, Ashton Idaho841979Andrus92
The White Steamer841979Hanson96
The Great Lettuce Swindle741978Hoggan75
How the boys from Kentucky built an Idaho road741978Daniels77
Letter from Sara DeAaron Pea Rich741978Rich85
History buffs explore Idaho Lander Cut-off741978unknown88
Joel Barnett on the Lander Trail (1859)741978Barnett90
The Valley - Teton Valley541976Hibbert75
Big Lost River and Old Arco541976Ackerman76
Shoshoni Arrowheads541976Ackerman78
Idiosyncracies of bison541976Simonson79
William Stibal541976Reid81
Trails plowed under541976Lovell82
The Beards and their oxen541976Jardine85
The Hub of Eastern Idaho - A Book Review641977Morris75
The Forgotten Town641977Smith76
One Hundred Years with Gibbonsville, Idaho641977Miller77
Pioneer Recipes641977Wright81
History of Irrigation in Idaho641977Atkinson82
Rigby National Guard641977Bates85
The Beginnings of Blackfoot641977Rose86
Pioneer Recipes641977Wright87
Upper Snake River and Teton Railroad Stations641977Waite88
Colonizing the Salem area541976Price92
History of Shelley541976Kotter93
Bonneville Historical Society441975unlisted55
Iona Historical Highlights441975Bateman57
The old rock church441975Steele59
Too Many Rocks - Not Enough Eagles441975Thomas62
Rebecca Mitchell, temperance leader441975Lovell63
Yesterday Brings About Today441975Marker66
Potatoes were cheaper441975Hoggan67
Good hardy Swedish ancestry441975Jeffrey68
History isn't scripture441975Lovell72
The People of the Hills441975Stringham74
John Gray and Gray's Lake441975Lovell79
Hunt Expedition first to visit Idaho Falls441975Thomas82
A Darkening Night Sky - Early TV441975Jensen84
Birch Creek Valley Field Trip441975Clements86
Eagle Rock History341974Keefer59
Glimpses from my life341974Mitchell63
The name Eagle Rock becomes history. Petition to change name.341974unlisted65
Book Review - Idaho's Gateway to Yellowstone - The Island Park Story341974Clements66
Back across the plains341974Forbush66
Caribou City Field Trip341974Clements67
Celebration at Old Fort Hall341974Forbush70
Comment - Jennie Leigh gravesite341974Glenn72
Pierre's Hole Rendezvous - 183214Spring 1972unlisted76
Historical Sketch of Wilford, Idaho14Spring 1972Meservy76
Heritage of the West14Spring 1972Birch78
Thomas Sasson Smith and Fort Lemhi14Spring 1972Rice80
Colter's Hell14Spring 1972Frantz85
The Pyrennes Basques Bring Culture to Idaho14Spring 1972Woods88
Snake River of the Palisades14Spring 1972Woods88
A Tribute to the Snake River14Spring 1972Birch89
Book Review - The Making of a State14Spring 1972Clements89
Book Review - Homesteading with the Elk14Spring 1972Gillettee90
Our Mountain14Spring 1972Franz91
"Christmas in Driggs, Idaho"1041981Smith77
The Crazy Cry Baby1041981Summers80
The Headless Woman of Moody Creek1041981Hiner81
"No Matter What Else"1041981Sparr83
"My Home Town"1041981Smith94
Pioneer residents recall unity of early homesteaders24Spring 1973Dial75
Edith Morgan Matsen tells Labelle story24Spring 1973Jones76
Clark County named after Samuel K. Clark24Spring 1973Tolman80
Madison County24Spring 1973Weaver81
Madison County24Spring 1973Winter82
Teton Valley24Spring 1973Townsend83
"Valley of the Tetons"24Spring 1973Little84
Teton County - Our Scene24Spring 1973Pennington85
St. Anthony - Hub of a Valley24Spring 1973unlisted86
Bonneville County24Spring 1973Clark87
The Nez Perce Retreat24Spring 1973Page88
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