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List of books published by the historical society. Download for free. Just click on the link!

Campfire Tales of Eastern Idaho - Volume 1 

These short stories include the beginnings of missions in Idaho, irrigation in the Valley, doctoring, ghost towns, threshing times, one room schools, railroad bands, some of the mountain men and fur trappers, and some of the Indian stories.

Campfire Tales of Eastern Idaho - Volume 2

These short stories include more mountain men, Fred T. Dubois= impact on Idaho, cowboys and outlaws, dairying, Chesterfield, horses and horsemen, pioneer life, Liddy=s Hot Springs, Richard Leigh (Beaver Dick), nomenclature, Rexburg Boat Club, Conley Watt=s, Mud Lake jackrabbit, Cress Creek, Cedar Point school, Newdale, Mud Lake, Labelle and others.

Campfire Tales of Eastern Idaho - Volume 3

These short stories include communities such as Wilford, Thornton, Eagle Rock (Idaho Falls), Rigby, Ririe, Iona, Lewisville, Centerville, Menan, New Sweden, Marysville, Shelley, and Teton Valley.  Along with these are articles on Pierre Tevanitagon (Pierre=s Hole/Teton Valley), pioneer entertainment, merchant tokens, early TV in the Valley, a lime kiln in Kelly Canyon, Fort Henry, Groom Homestead, Rebecca Brown Mitchell, Alexander Toponce, Mrs. R. L. Speelmon,  Mayhew Hillman, the Beards and their oxen, Big Lost River, and several articles on Yellowstone Park.

Campfire Tales of Eastern Idaho - Volume 4

These short stories include Andrew Smith Anderson, Grouse, Idaho, Caribou Mountain, Challis, Custer Bounty, Burton, North Fork ferry, Parker, Archer/Lyman, Melvina Huffaker, Leonard Hochstein, Rexburg Stake of Zion, werewolf, natural fluoridation, Birch Creek, Fort Lemhi, Salmon mining, Nez Perce Indians, Nicholia, Charcoal Kilns, Gilmore and Hahn, Meadow Lake, Hortense Hanson, the old livery stable, and others.

Centennial Farm Families

One of the projects of the celebration of the Idaho Centennial in 1983 was the honoring of the Centennial Farm families.  Any family in Idaho who was still farming forty acres or more of the original homestead of a farm qualified for this honor.  None of the counties in Eastern Idaho were doing anything along this line so the Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society gathered names and got applications filled out.  Honored with a plaque and sign were fourteen families from Madison County, four from Bonneville County, fourteen from Jefferson County, five from Bingham County, and 14 from Fremont County.  A biography of each of these families is included in the book.

History of Teton Valley

History of Upper Snake River Valley to 1840

A historical research paper on the happenings in this Valley prior to 1840.  The Indians who roamed the Snake River Valley are mentioned.  The early explorations of the West and how they influenced what went on in bringing explorers to the valley.  This is a collection of all the mountain men who came into the valley with their stories.  Carefully researched and footnoted, this is a scholarly approach to the history.

Idaho International Dance and Music Festival-Tenth Annual

Over the past ten years there have been over eighty-one teams who have attended the festival of which thirty-seven different countries have been represented.  The trials and tribulations of those first years are documented along with the problems of working with Communist countries and their security situations.  Watch the festival solve a diversity of cultural differences and work to find solutions while presenting a first class performance each year.

Idaho International Dance and Music Festival-first 20 years

Some people thought the dance festival would not survive the first ten years let alone twenty.  This book catalogues by year the teams that came, the events that were held, the comments of dancers, host families, and public officials, and the problems that came and went with the different cultures.  Rexburg saw the Acold war@ come and go.  Today there is a list of teams wanting to come to America and top of their list is being able to visit  Idaho.

Lost Treasure Stories of Eastern Idaho

With the gold discoveries in the Sawtooth, Challis, and Salmon areas of Idaho and the gold in Montana there was a lot of gold being shipped by stage, freight wagon, mules, and later by rail down the trail, road, and rail that is almost the same route as Interstate 15.  There were many robberies and the burying of loot that have given rise to many stories of lost treasure in Eastern Idaho.  There are also the gold discoveries at Caribou City and out to Kilgore that have stimulated hunts in modern times.  This is a collection of those stories as well as the author has been able to find them.  Some of them are probably myths that have been built upon over the century but they all add to the folklore of the valley. 

Madison County 1913-1990

Pioneering the Snake River Fork Country  

Rexburg, Where Do You Go From Here? 

One of the major services we have at the Teton Flood Museum is informing people of what there is to see in the area.  This book has descriptions and directions to places to see or visit.  There are three hour trips, day long trips, and some that will take several days.

Snake River Echoes   37 years of local history in a magazine

Teton Flood revisited This is a collection of the news stories and one oral history of the breaking of the dam, the subsequent flood, and the recovery.  The originals of the newspapers are on file in the library of the Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society at the Teton Flood Museum.